Accident prone? You betcha!


Nothing as major as a bathtub fall, but annoying. We have a 4 ft. tall cactus along the path from the front to backyard. I brushed against it unknowingly and spent an evening pulling spines out of my back.

Are they called spines? The prickly things on cacti? Hmm…

Anyway, I’ve had a spot on my side for weeks that would not stop itching and was a little swollen. Hubby swore he’d gotten them all, but last night he found one. In that spot. Yay.

Other than that adventure, things have been mellow. Hubby had a week off, so exercise that week was mostly on our day trips – state parks, the zoo, parks, and the like. It wasn’t the typical stroll, either. We kept a 3-4 mph pace most of the time.

Since it is much later than I thought, I need to get moving. Here’s to a great weekend! Cactus-free, baby!

A quick update


I’m down 3 more pounds and beat hubby in the first to lose 5 competition. He’s pouting.

DS tried vegan meat and liked it! Plain, just heated through. He also added it to his pasta sauce (along with mushrooms) and repeatedly told me it was good. I still haven’t recovered from the shock.

DD grew another inch. She’d better stop! Grumble.

My left shoulder and knee hate me. Truly, deeply, passionately.

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Happy 4th! While you’re chowing down, hitting the pool or beach, and watching fireworks, remember what it took for us to have the freedom sometimes take for granted.

Belated Canada Day wishes!