I miss being vegetarian

I do. I miss the challenge of making veg an vegan meals work for the carnivore hubby & son. I miss the shorter clean up time after making dinner. I miss how I felt.

So far I’ve been able to easily drop pork from my menu. It’s very easy because hubby keeps referring to puppy Fred as a pig. Eggs and cheese may always stay on my plate, but I did just fine when I removed the other things. I just got a little lazy and wanted to make things easier. I knew that DD would happily ignore meat, but my boys are a different story. DS even requested steak for his birthday dinner next week.

Yep, my boy (S actually) will be 11 next week. Time flies! In no time I’ll be the shortest one in the house, and I’m 5′ 6.”

What else to share this time. Oh, I’ve dropped another pound, but am down more inches. I’m still trying to figure that out, but I’m not going to complain. I’m hitting my target on the Women’s Challenge of 150 minutes minimum and 2 days of muscle building. I’m ahead of hubby in the hubby v. wife weight loss challenge. Weigh in is on 6/28 – wish me luck! He’s falling back into his bad habits when I’m not around. Bad for him, and me, but good as far as the challenge is concerned.

It’s late and I have an interesting Saturday planned, so I need to call it a night. I may start posting my weekly menus; at least lunch and dinners. I keep track offline, so why shouldn’t I share with you?

Happy Father’s Day weekend! I miss you, daddy.

Be well, all.

Another 2 pounds gone, another inch here and there

Yep, I’m getting smaller and Hubby says my butt is higher. Neato! I’m still watching my portions, keeping my protein and simple carbs in check, and going ballistic on fruit and veggies. I like how I’ve been feeling!

The kids are out of school now, so it will be just loads of fun to exercise around them. Really – no sarcasm there. We bought a Wii Fit last week after Hubby & the kids argued over who would rule supreme on a snowboard and I’ve been on it 4 times so far. It’s addicting and it is possible to work out a sweat on that thing. Today I hit Super Hula Hoop, a run, a few strength training exercises, a little soccer, and hit the snowboard, all in 31 minutes. I loved it! Hubby was blown away by my score on the plank position (he can’t remember ever seeing me do it, sigh) and feels the need to beat my scores. Snort! Ain’t happening!

On the food front, my fav breakfast these days is a fruit salad topped with a dollop of fat free plain yogurt, flax seeds, oatmeal, and a tsp. of local honey. It’s really good! DS has been snacking on it and DD just goes from her fruit plain. In general we’ve all been eating a lot cleaner. Both of the inlaws are diabetic, so Hubster wants to do whatever he can to avoid that diagnosis. He’s pre-diabetic now, so changing the family’s way of eating has become more of a priority.

On the exercise front, in addition to the new game, I’ve again signed up for the Woman Challenge. So far, I’ve met or exceeded my goals for the past 4 weeks and am going strong. Swing by, take a look, and join me.

The Woman Challenge - May 10-July 4, 2009 - womenshealth.gov - Join

Until next time, see ya!