First week – down 4 pounds!


That’s right, baby, 4 pounds! I’ve been happy dancing – more calories burned!

I officially went on plan on 4/6. And we hit the road last weekend – every meal was restaurant prepared. Well, except for the lousy selection at the hotel. (They used to be so much better, but that’s another story.) It’s been easier so far than the first time I followed this program. I keep my portions in check (until it comes to the freebies – then I go nuts), eat on a regular schedule, and make better choices by default.

Fruit or veggies are present at every meal and snack. Protein choices are lower fat. I love cheese – always have – and still eat it. I just make sure I’m having lower fat versions or planning the indulgence around the rest of my day. And chocolate is still a part of my plan, just not everyday.

Clean eating, baby! It kicks butt!



I hit 40 the other day. Yeah, baby! I’ve been looking forward to 40. Reaching it meant I’ve outlived my dad and am smacking the early death curse into a corner. At least holding it back.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted because I fell off the wagon. Way off. The other day I got on the scale and was sad but not surprised to see 240 staring at me. I couldn’t play off being surprised because I know exactly how I’ve been eating and how little I’ve been exercising.

I’ve been thinking about my journey and I decided I’d go back to what worked for me as far as my eating plan. I pulled out my old Richard Simmons’ FoodMover info and am going back to basics. It’s an exchange program based on the old Weight Watchers plan (his words) and similar to the TOPS plan. It helped me get control of my portions better than any other plan I’d tried and I felt really good on it. When I can’t exercise (like this week – gotta love lingering injuries) I can still see a change on the scale and in my energy level.

I am 40 and fab, regardless of my weight. By 41, my inner hottie will be out for all to see!

Good, bad, or ugly, I’ll be posting more regularly. Til then, be well.