Soul Vegetarian South is back!

I am so stoked!

I loved Soul Vegetarian because it was vegan, healthy, and soul food! It was also not too far from home and I could get there by bus without turning it into an all day event. They closed for lunch for a couple of years and I missed them terribly.

Well, this week they reopened and hubster and I grabbed lunch today. He had the protein wrap (TVP with sauteed onions and peppers) and I went for the kalebone wrap (kick-butt seitan roast with sauteed onions and peppers). We both had the mac and cheese for old times sake and hubster rounded off his meal with the split pea soup. We were not disappointed! Yum is all I can say, people. I couldn’t finish my wrap, so half is sitting in the fridge waiting for me.

Swing by, 11 am – 3 pm weekdays. Same place as before, on Rivers Avenue just south of Reynolds. Don’t let the area scare you – go get a great lunch!

Besides a great lunch, we picked up our first fruit tree today and have a Meyer lemon sitting on the counter just waiting to be sliced. Our home is coming together! Our garden is going to rock!

I tried something new

Bellydancing! I have FitTV and decided to use it again yesterday. It was fun and I broke a sweat, which I did not expect. I didn’t feel very graceful, but hubby swears I was.

Another goodie on FitTV is Sharon Mann. That chick has some serious abs! she’s on at least twice a day and is a four time Canadian Aerobics champion. I’ve followed her tai chi/kickboxing and pilates workouts (yay for DVR) and always feel like I’ve had a great workout. Since my fall last week I’ve been on the lookou for something gentle that I can do at least once a day. Shimmy was on and I went for it.

It’s a beautiful workout – beautifully shot with gorgeous dancers. It was a little intimidating at first, but I tuned out the gorgeousness and went forward. It was different, but good. I didn’t feel gorgeous, glamorous, or sexy while doing it, but I know the power that gliding hips have on a certain guy, and that made me giggle. I rocked my hips, learned snake arms, beautiful face, and beautiful eyes. My still hip was not aggravated at all, and neither my back or hip are sore today.

I have my DVR set to record today’s episode and I’ll get in that session later. Maybe continuing the workout will bring out the sexy Goddess hottie mama.

Have I mentioned how much I like that it didn’t feel like a workout? I liked it. A lot.

Two steps forward, two steps back

I took another tumble. I forget that my balance is nowhere as good as it used to be and that I can’t be moving without paying attention. Especially where heights are concerned.

I’m at 231 and holding. In a week or two I’ll be cleared to exercise full on again. In a couple of days I can get back to the elliptical.


Dinner tonight: lentil soup (lentils, celery, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, soy sauce, and water); massive salad with mixed green, cukes, tomatoes, celery, pepperoncini, & either fat free feta or a boiled egg.