Week 2 and a bit of whining


I lost another pound. I counted points, kept fat intake in check, and only lost a pound. One pound gone after a week like that used to make me want to cry, but I’m trying to keep the positive in mind. I have more energy and feel good. I got creative in the kitchen and the family enjoyed it right along with me. I’m on track and am gonna do what it takes to stay that way.

Now for the whining. My arthritic knee and shoulder are working overtime. I can’t walk more than I am at the moment and then I am am sucking down Tylenol or Advil to keep mobile. Gah!

That’s it. Time to meet DD’s school bus.

4 pounds gone


Last Monday I weighed in at 236 and wanted to cry. It’s not that it’s my top number of all time, but it’s the number I hit when I felt I was at rock bottom. I was heavier, but that number is a sore spot with me.

I went into action as soon as I got home after seeing DD off for school. I went through the pantry and fridge and tossed my trigger foods. I then went to the store and picked up things I actually needed – whole grains, beans, veggies. I made a huge pot of red beans and rice (fat free & awesome), steam-fried cabbage, and berries for dessert. It was simple, filling, full of fiber, heart-healthy, and just plain good! Hubby has been talking about it all week and he never does that.
It reminded me that I can have fabulous food that is good for me. I don’t have to eat junk when time is of the essence.

This morning when I hit the scale I was 4 pounds lighter. I didn’t count points or hit the elliptical or starve. I ate good food that was good for me. This is what this journey is about. Eating well and living well.

After 10 pounds are gone I’ll be exercising more. Right now walking and my modified Pilates and yoga routines are the extent of it. My body cannot take much more than that right now. I tried and spent two days paying for it.

K, that’s it for now.

Chicago here I come!